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Glen Mills is a community located in Concord Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The area of Glen Mills was a part of the original land grant given to William Penn in 1681. One of the earliest settlers in the area was George Cheyney, which is where the nearby town of Cheyney received its name. The name Glen Mills comes from two paper mills in the area that were built by the Wilcox family, one in 1835 and another in 1846. These mills were responsible for painting the specially patented paper for the printing of government bonds. Glen Mills is also home to the Golf Course at Glen Mills, which is a golf course connected to a school where students are trained in golf operations. 

We are the go-to painting and pressure washing company in and around Glen Mills, PA. Harmony Painters will have your home become the envy of your neighbors with our expert painting and pressure washing services. Our elite painters and pressure washers will have your home looking beautiful with the highest quality materials used to make your Glen Mills home stand out from the rest. 

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Pressure Washing Services in Glen Mills, PA

Harmony Painters’ main goal is to provide each of our Glen Mills clients with the highest quality finishes work and guaranteed customer satisfaction. In Glen Mills, we are one of the most referred painting companies in the area. Our elite team of painters and pressure washers will walk our clients through, step by step what will be done to their Glen Mills home. This way the client fully understands what they are getting from our painting services and pressure washing services if requested. This will also better prepare our team of painters to fully bring your vision into reality. We offer many painting services such as gap caulking, wall washing, trim painting, and everything else in between. If you are in the Glen Mills area and require a professional painting service, look no further than Harmony Painters. 

Pressure Washing your Glen Mills home can be very daunting without the proper training. It could lead to possible damages to your property. Trust the job to Harmony Painters, our elite pressure washing services will have your home looking brand new with clean surfaces without any damage. We are the go-to pressure washing company in the Glen Mills area. Reach out to Harmony Painters today for all of your painting and pressure washing services. 

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